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Wyld Energy for the Week of of 02/02/2021

Wyld Energy Forecast – 02/02/2021

This week we have a Stellium in Aquarius, which means a lot of Celestial activity! On the 6th, Venus Square Uranus may bring old relationships (and difficult breakups) back to the forefront  Imbolc takes place today on Feb 2nd, a time for cleansing and renewal and to get make room for a fantastic spring. And of course we still smack in the middle of a Mercury Retrograde, so choose your words carefully!

The Cards

This week I am using the Crystal Medicine Oracle by Rachelle Charman and Len Hibble. I found this deck on Amazon when searching for other products by Rockpool Publishing, so I ended up getting it there,  However I would encourage you to purchase directly from the Author here. I am going to be looking at her other works and also her online classes! Let’s get started!

First House – Obstacles to be aware of and don’t let them rule you

Artwork by Len Hibble

Angels and Spirit Guides

“When in the Upper World you can expect to meet angels, ascended masters, spirit guides, light beings and all souls of the higher angelic energies. It’s time for you to connect with world and receive wisdom and Healing — Rachelle Charman”

Have you not been hearing messages from your spirit helpers? Or perhaps you are, but you are not following through in their advice for you? Have you lost touch? This is the week to renew your connection with your spirit helpers.  With all of the insane Stellium energy this week you may feel overwhelmed.  Rely on your helpers for support and guidance.  Haven’t seen them in a while? Do a quick meditation to reconnect with them or to ask for advice.  If a new spirit helper is reaching out to you, be sure you connect and ask what help it brings for you.  Alway end any interaction with spirit helps with much gratitude!

Second House – Opportunities you may not want to overlook

Artwork by Len Hibble

Unconditional Love

“It’s time to be kind, compassionate and gentle with yourself, and practise the art of loving whatever arises within you — Rachelle Charman”

Loving ourselves can be difficult.  We tend to set criteria – like I can love myself when I get a promotion, or when I graduate, or when I lose weight, or when I find a partner, or when I have a baby or on and on.  If we cannot love ourselves we cannot love others.  We miss out on opportunities in our community, in our schools, families and even with friends.  Practice loving unconditionally by doing something kind for a stranger this week.  Pay for someone’s lunch, or coffee.  Help someone with their groceries, give someone a compliment.  Comfort someone who may be sad or not feeling well.  Do this not because you want anything in return, but because you want to give love back to the universe.  After you do that, then do something kind for yourself, even if it’s just self-talk.  Remember the energies this month may leave you overwhelmed and those around you also feeling it.  Being kind to yourself and to them may release the energetic pressure you are feeling.

Check out our Podcast for this week’s forecast!

Wyld Energy Forecast – Week of 02/02/2021
Wyld Energy Forecast – Week of 02/02/2021