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Financial Support and Sliding Scale

I am, first and foremost, in service to my community.  All of these services I offer do no good if the people do not have access to them.  To that end, I will never turn someone away for lack of funds for either services or classes.  If you need help – I am here, and we can make it work.

An exchange needs to take place to honor the work done and for the positive impact that it can have on your life.  However, that exchange does not need to be monetary.  Below are a few options for an energy exchange for classes/services:

Sliding Scale

Sliding scale means that you pay a discounted rate for services.  The discount will be based on your current situation.  Please note that a sliding scale can be part of the exchange but may not necessarily be all of the exchange – this depends on which services you need and what your sliding scale is set to be.

Services Exchange

If you are a practitioner or offer a service such as a hairdresser, massage therapist, digital creator, etc., we can exchange value for any service or class.

Work Time

Another way to do an even exchange is for you to donate your time in exchange for a service by helping out at Raven Moon Emporium or at the Wyld Magick Center.  Obviously this option is only available for local people.

These options are generally reserved for those with a household income under $40K a year. However, we are willing to consider special circumstances.


Please fill out the form below to apply for assistance:

Please fill out all of the fields.  Provide as much detail as possible on what you require.  The phone number is needed because Raven will call you back, so please include a valid number.  Thank you!

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