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Getting Comfortable with Taurus

We move from Fiery Aries to Taurus the week of the 18th.  This allows us to rest, do some self-care, and chill.  It is also an excellent opportunity to evaluate…

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The Spring Equinox

The Spring Equinox takes place on March 20th, but you can still feel the energy a few days before and after. So let’s talk about all that this holiday brings…

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The Magick of Flowers

Flowers bring more to us than their intoxicating scent and beauty. There is magick in working with these beauties! Flowers can perform some of the most incredible attraction magick, and…

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Pisces Season!

As we move into Pisces season, it means that some of you will have a birthday. But more so than that, the Sun entering Pisces allows us to tap into…

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Standing in your Power!

Finding our power can take time – especially in a world that keeps telling us that we are not enough. So how do you find that core of strength to…

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