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First Harvest Spread

I love this time of year! When the harvest season begins, you should be reaping the benefits of all your work so far in the year! But what happens when you are not reaping anything? This can be incredibly frustrating, primarily if you have worked hard and poured your heart into something and nothing is happening. If you want to learn more about manifestation, check out this post here.

Being on the receiving end of that feeling for many years, the questions of “what the hell happened?” and “what did I miss?” and even the worst questions of all, “Maybe I am not good enough” (Yeah, I have had those moments too!), I decided to create a card spread to help!

This is the first of 3 harvest festivals. This is the beginning, not the end! That means you still have time to make things happen! The Wheel of the Year Harvest season runs from August 1 through October 31. That is 3 amazing months and plenty of time to make something happen! So why not ask our higher selves for advice?

Your Intent

The intent is huge in this spread. You are giving the deck a time frame. You want advice for the next 3 months and make sure that is started. I will generally consecrate the deck again when I do this spread and pour as much of that intent as I can, and I will also whisper it to the deck to seal the deal with my breath.

Once you have set your intent, focusing on your question is essential. I generally like to verbally whisper that to the deck, using my breath to imprint on the cards. Be as straightforward as possible; don’t use words like “hope,” “wish,” or anything else that doesn’t sound solid. Some good examples are:

“How do I manifest more clients for my business in the next 3 months?”
“How can I get pregnant in the next 3 months.”
“How can I position myself for a raise in the next 3 months?
“How do I buy a house in the next 3 months?”

First Harvest Manifestation Spread by Lady Raven

1) Issue

This house represents the current thing you are trying to manifest and the general state of where it’s at. This house can sometimes show that things are better or worse than you think.

2) Stop

This house represents the things that you need to STOP doing. You may think that they are working, but they are not. This can be things like telling everyone what you are doing, relying on others to make something happen, waiting for the “right time,” or even pursuing a course of action that is not yielding any results. Approach this house with an open mind!

3) Opportunity

This house represents an opportunity waiting for you that you are not seeing. Maybe you saw it but didn’t quite see how it would help. This may reveal things unseen or not prioritized.

4) Regroup

This is the house of “not this again!”. We all find ways to do things, bypassing the activities we hate. For example, for me, it’s bookkeeping. I hate doing it, which makes budgeting difficult. So I come up with all kinds of work around – “I will just track the balance on this account,” “I will break things down into payments,” etc. But this always comes back to haunt me. What do you try to bypass because you don’t like doing them? Getting a positive card in this house is possible, so you are not avoiding anything and are good! But for those guilty of self-sabotage, this house is one of the most important in this spread.

5) Final Outcome

So, this house is not your typical outcome house. This house can sometimes mean that you need to redefine what success looks like. Maybe the plan you chose is not achievable in a year; perhaps it will need more time to happen, so look at the success you have had so far and continue to work towards that. This house should give you an idea of what is achievable this year. I once got an outcome that said patience. Come to find out, my work did manifest – but it was a FIVE-year process! Pay attention to this house’s advice – it could mean the difference between success and failure!