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Wyld Energy Forecast for April 17 through the 23rd

A lot is coming up for us this week! The big star of this week is the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries, taking place on April 19/20. This is big transformation energy! Take advantage of it to start something new or make changes if you are unhappy about where it’s going. This will be setting off a new cycle of eclipses that will run from now until 2025!

As the Eclipse energies flow, use them to set intentions, visualize your desired outcome, look at things in a new way, and stay open to the abundance of the Universe. This high-energy time will guide us to the next chapter of our journey. The Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse is a hybrid between an Annular Eclipse, where you can see a ring of fire around the Sun, and a Total Eclipse, where the Sun is completely blocked.

Hybrid Eclipses are rare and suggest a transition or shift between two worlds. Just as the Eclipse moves from Total to Annular, perhaps something in our lives is preparing to shift too. If you plan for spell work this week, it’s time to go big! Take advantage of the last of the Aries energy and move things forward!

This week’s Reading

I chose April’s “Dreamy Moons Tarot” by Australian author Annie Tarasova. This is a stunning 80-card deck with gold foil and a celestial interpretation of the Rider-Waite traditional format. If you are a deck collector like me, you NEED this deck!

April 17th through 23rd cards

Obstacle: The The Ten of Crystals

The Ten of Crystals in this deck correspond to the Ten of Swords. In this house, it may mean that something has happened recently that may have left you feeling sabotaged or betrayed. This can sometimes represent the despair we feel in those times. The questions may arise as to “why would someone do that to me?” or “what’s wrong with me?” Remember that this often reflects people and their own problems, and most of the time, it is not a reflection on you. Don’t be discouraged. This card reminds us that when the going get’s tough, it’s time to double our efforts and keep forging ahead!

Opportunity: The Seven of Wands

The Seven of Wands card has always brought me an opportunity! However, it is often disguised as a firehose of information directed in our faces! It can be overwhelming! If you feel that too many things are happening at once, remember that you don’t have to do it all (at least not all at the same time!) Pick and choose what you can handle, but don’t neglect the opportunities being shown to you! Sometimes something that may feel overwhelming can be disguising one of the best opportunities you have ever had!

I hope you all have a fantastic week!