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Wyld Energy Forecast for May 8 – 15

The big event for this week will be taking place on May 14 when Mercury goes direct in Taurus. The big questions are, what lessons did you learn during this retrograde? During this retrograde, we focused on inner work – understanding the undercurrents of emotions and reasons for what we have created in…

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Wyld Energy Forecast for April 17 through the 23rd

A lot is coming up for us this week! The big star of this week is the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries, taking place on April 19/20. This is big transformation energy! Take advantage of it to start something new or make changes if you are unhappy about where it’s going. This…

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Wyld Energy Forecast – June 2021

This month I used the Soul Truth Self-Awareness deck by Brienne Hovey.  This deck was so insightful! I also love that it uses clear and concise language to give you direct answers to your questions.  The message for this month is clear: You can do it if you are willing to put forth…

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Wyld Energy Forecast – March 2021

We have a new format this month! Check out our video on our website for more details on the new spread.  Let’s talk March energy!

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Wyld Energy Forecast – Week of 02/08/2021

This week we will discuss the Stellium, Mercury Retrograde and he New Moon in 02/11! Our Deck for this week is The Stolen Child Tarot by Monica L. Knighton.  You can visit her website at

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