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Wyld Energy Forecast for May 8 – 15

The big event for this week will be taking place on May 14 when Mercury goes direct in Taurus. The big questions are, what lessons did you learn during this retrograde? During this retrograde, we focused on inner work – understanding the undercurrents of emotions and reasons for what we have created in our lives. We have been given insights, ideas, and inspiration to make changes. We must implement what we learned as we step out of this retrograde!

Pick one lesson from the retrograde to begin to work towards. If you ignored the retrograde, then take this time to re-create what has happened in your life from April 21 thru May 14 and look for patterns. These are the clues to your life’s next steps and areas that may be ready for something new!

This week’s Reading

This month I will work with “The Magick of You” oracle by Fiona Horne and Marcela Bolivar. This deck has stunning imagery that appears almost dreamlike. It is the perfect deck for intuitive readings and exploration!

May 8th through the 15th Cards

Obstacle: Orenda

This card brings up a strong Divine Feminine influence and speaks to self-care and focusing on your own mind & Body balance. The Snake brings its medicine to remind us to shed those things that hold us back. Being in the obstacle house speaks directly to things we hold on to that we need to release. It could be a relationship we know is not serving us but are afraid to walk away from. It could be the job where you feel underappreciated, the friend who is not supportive. What are you holding on to out of fear or convenience? Shedding our skin is uncomfortable but the only way to grow. Keeping these things can blind us to opportunities and abundance and limit our potential.

Opportunity: Buho

Buho is the Spanish word for Owl. Owls are night hunters and can turn their heads 270 degrees in either direction. This card speaks to perspective. Are you feeling trapped, like you have no opportunities or only have one choice? Change your perspective! Look at things from a different angle, and you will see opportunities start to appear! If you have been laser-focused on getting a promotion because you want to make more money, maybe change how you think. Maybe you need a new job? Or a side hustle? There are many ways to achieve the same goal (of more money, for example), but sometimes we get trapped in the process. Focus on your goal instead, drop your current focus, and you will see opportunities start to appear!

I hope you all have a fantastic week!