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Wyld Energy Forecast – June 2021

This month I used the Soul Truth Self-Awareness deck by Brienne Hovey.  This deck was so insightful! I also love that it uses clear and concise language to give you direct answers to your questions.  The message for this month is clear: You can do it if you are willing to put forth…

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Wyld Energy Forecast – March 2021

We have a new format this month! Check out our video on our website for more details on the new spread.  Let’s talk March energy!

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New Format for Wyld Energy Forecast!

Hello everyone! I wanted to let you all know that we have a brand new spread to use in the Wyld Energy Forecast! My goal is to create a more in-depth energy forecast as well as make it monthly instead of weekly so it can flow better.  Below I did a video explaining…

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Wyld Energy Forecast – Week of 02/15/2021

Wyld Energy Forecast – 02/15/2021 Are you guys tired of hearing the word Stellium? Well, we have one more week to go! This week we have 3 major events to look forward to.  The First is Saturn Square Uranus.  This means the 2 planets are in conflict.  Uranus being the rebel of the…

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Wyld Energy Forecast for 02/15/2021

This week we discuss Saturn Square Uranus happening on the 17th, The Sun entering Pisces on the 18th and Mercury going direct on the 20th! Our deck for this week is the amazingly beautiful “The Witching Hour Oracle” by Cherie Gerhardt.  She is the brilliant artist behind Mystic Moon Media.  You can find…

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