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Wyld Energy Forecast for April 10 through 16th

Oh boy! I haven’t done one of these in a while, so I wanted to get it going again! For those new to the Wyld Energy forecast, this is a weekly reading to get advice from the Universe based on what energies are around us for this month. Each month we will pick a different deck to work with.

This week’s Reading

I chose the “Dreamy Moons Tarot” by Australian author Annie Tarasova for April. This is a stunning 80-card deck with gold foil and a celestial interpretation of the Rider-Waite traditional format. If you are a deck collector like me, you NEED this deck!

This is a 2-card reading for the week.

  • Obstacles: The first card shows the obstacles to look for during the week. This house considers all the energies around us and what they may push us to do. This is not necessarily a “don’t do this” house; it is more of a “be aware of this” house.
  • Opportunities: This house considers all the energies available to help you through the week. It may offer insights into opportunities you may not be aware of or have not seen immediately!

April 10th through 16th cards:

Obstacle: The Chariot

It is so interesting that the Chariot came out in this house, but it is not surprising. We have big energy this week with both The Sun Conjunct Jupiter and Aries and Venus entering Gemini. This is a great week to get things done, especially if those things involve connecting with others. However, be sure to pay attention to EVERYTHING around you. Take those blinders off of you may miss some fantastic opportunities!

Opportunity: The Empress

The empress is always a card of great prosperity and abundance. The universe is feeling generous this week, and it’s up to you to take advantage of it. This doesn’t mean go play the lottery – if you work hard, the results will be there! Growth is all around you; it is up to you to take in that energy for yourself and grow in the direction you want choose!

I hope you all have a fantastic week!