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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries 04/20/23

This New Moon Solar Eclipse brings with it a powerhouse of energy! Eclipses are always times for change and transformation, and this one is no different! The arrival of this Eclipse can open doors, expand opportunities, and bring sudden new beginnings into our lives. It can guide us to plant seeds that will eventually blossom and shift our lives in a higher and more aligned direction.

For this ceremony, I decided to work with the theme of change and transformation. What area of your life are you unhappy with right now? If you could change ONE thing right now, what would it be? In this ceremony, we will be tapping into the power of the New Moon, the Solar Eclipse, and Aries to give us a boost to make that change happen!

As with all ceremonies, be sure you have a clear idea of what you want. I would write it down so that your intent is until you can flush it out to one concept – ONE thing. If you try to do many things simultaneously, you are splitting your energy; chances are even this moon won’t help! Narrow down your intent to that one tangible thing you want to change.

Tools Needed:

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  • Your cleansing supplies (be sure to cleanse your tools and altar space before you begin thoroughly)
  • Your Book of Shadows, to note what you did and follow up with the results later.
  • One Yellow, Orange, or White candle
  • Anointing oil: appropriate options are road opener, The Sun, The Moon, Lunar, Rosemary, Aries, Sandalwood, orange, or any other blend for personal change.
  • Incense: appropriate options are road opener, The Sun, The Moon, Lunar, Rosemary, Aries, Sandalwood, orange, or any other blend for personal change.
  • Paper and pen (paper needs to be big enough to wrap around 2 stones)
  • Cord, ribbon, or yarn
  • 2 crystals: One is a clear quartz, and the other can be one of the following: Sunstone, Tiger’s eye, Citrine, Yellow Jasper, or Carnelian (no calcite or fluorite)
  • Optional: bag

Your New Moon Solar Eclipse Ceremony for Transformation!

  1. Cleanse your space and yourself, and prepare your altar or work area.
  2. Light your incense.
  3. Create sacred space (if you are a witch, this is where you would cast your circle)
  4. Once your circle is cast, grab your candle and charge it with your intent. (Check this article if you don’t know how to charge candles)
  5. In your paper, write down the change you want to make in your life. Be as detailed as possible. Be sure to include what actions YOU WILL TAKE to make this change happen. Then write down what you hope the Universe will do to make it happen. Be sure that you are not asking more of the Universe than you are asking of yourself!
  6. Decorate the paper however you want. You can add symbols, stickers, colors, or whatever feels right. When finished, sign your name at the bottom and add your birth date.
  7. Place the paper at the center of your altar.
  8. Pick up the non-quartz crystal. As you hold this crystal thing about the things you wrote that YOU will do to make this change happen in your life. Ask the crystal to add its energy to help you to stay the course and stay on track.
  9. Once done, run the crystal over the incense smoke until it feels very saturated with smoke. Then, place the crystal next to the candle.
  10. Pick up your quartz and think about the help you hope to gain from the Universe in making these changes. Ask this crystal to act as a channel between you, your higher self, and universal energies.
  11. Once done, run the crystal over the incense smoke until it feels very saturated with smoke. Place the crystal next to the candle.
  12. Grab your oil, wet your finger, and run it over your name. Do the same for your birth date. This should stain the paper.
  13. Grab your non-quartz crystal, blow on it, and add it to the center of the paper. Do the same for your quartz crystal.
  14. Fold the paper over both crystals, bringing them together. Ensure the paper is folded tightly around them, and then use the cord, ribbon, or yarn to tie it all together. You want 3 knots on each side of the small package.
  15. Once it is completed, dab some of the oil on top of the knots on both sides. Then breathe on either side to activate your charm.
  16. Place your charm next to your candle and let the candle burn down all the way. Once the candle has fully burned down, you can, if you wish, add the package to a small bag and place it outside overnight. Be sure to bring it back inside first thing in the morning if you decide to do that.
  17. Carry the charm with you until the next Eclipse. Stay the course. Be sure you are doing what you said you would do so that the Universe can do its job. Whenever you feel discouraged, bring the package back out, close your eyes, and focus on it and the change you want to see.

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Blessed New Moon!