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They Daytime Moon

Yesterday as I was driving to Staples, I saw our moon, in it’s beautiful glory right at mid-afternoon.  The Moon is always there, however generally we only see it at night. But for me, when I see it in the daytime, it feels like a special treat. Something that is not meant to shine during the day, once in a while, steps up and say’s – I AM HERE!

There are scientific reasons why this happens. Two things contribute to the moon being visible in daylight. First, it is bright enough that its light penetrates the scattered blue light of the sky.  Secondly, the moon must be high enough in the sky to be visible. The best times in the month to see the moon in daylight are close to first and last quarter, when the moon is 90 degrees away from the sun in the sky. Look up! The daytime moon is often up there, but it’s pale against the blue sky.

Humanity’s fascination with the interplay between the moon and the sun goes back to the caveman days.  There is a tale about the Moon/Sun love story in just about every culture and every mythology.  And this is no surprise considering they are the two most influential bodies in our sky.  And although witches do most of their moon work at night, she also has power in the daytime!

Can you see a daytime moon? At what time? | Human World | EarthSkyThink of all of the things that have to be just right for the moon to be visible.  For it to claim it’s space in our daytime sky even though the sole ruler of the day, the Sun (the biggest badass in our Solar System), refuses to give up it’s throne.  To me the daytime moon speaks to female power.  The power of staking our claim, standing in our truth, regardless of obstacles. The power to say, “NO! I WILL NOT BE SILENT!”.  The daytime moon represents what women can do when they set their minds to it.  This is amazing energy for all types of personal work – for self-confidence, for guidance and overcoming obstacles.

Are you having a hard time being noticed at work? Call on the power of the daytime moon!  Are you looking to find balance in a relationship? The daytime moon helps you to understand how you can find your own way to shine no matter what.  Are you not being heard by those you care about? Call on the daytime moon! This moon reminds us that we do not need to have own light to be able to shine.  If we embrace who we are, and stand strong with our higher self – we can achieve anything.

So today as you are running around about your day – look up! And get a little boost from our sky mother!