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Connecting with your Higher Self – TWII 08/09/21

Join me to discuss the higher self and how important it can be in your spiritual path.  The higher self is our gateway to connecting with all things spirit, including…

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Building a Gratitude Practice – TWII 08/02/21

Join me to discuss how a daily practice of gratitude can bring joy and positivity to our lives! A healthy gratitude practice brings more joy and happiness into your life…

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Basics of Manifestation – The Witch is in 07/26/2021

Let’s discuss how manifestation works. You have way more power than you may think! We all have the ability to manifest what we want, even without picking up our magic…

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Releasing – The Witch is in 07/19/21

Join me to discuss the importance of releasing as a way to move on and move forward after trauma or other difficult situations. Releasing is an important practice to keep…

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Love Magick – The Witch is in 07/12/21

Join me on this discussion of love magic. Understand the differences between attracting a soulmate versus a hot Saturday night date, mending a broken heart working on self-love and self-acceptance,…

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