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Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide

Our last Mercury Retrograde of the year takes place in Libra and starts on Monday, 09/27, and runs through October 18th. Mercury retrograde in Libra refers to the revision of professional contracts and reunions with old loves. We can use this planetary transit for reconciliation or final emotional closure. If there are conflicts in your current relationship that you have tried to avoid, they will come to light. To succeed, it will be necessary to show patience, listen to the other, and find a middle point between the proposals presented.

What Exactly is a Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun and the fastest planet in the Solar System, and many Mercurian years take place within one Earth year.  This means that for every complete circle/cycle our planet completes around the Sun, Mercury completes multiple circles/cycles.  This means that 3-4 times a year, Mercury will pass Earth.  When this happens, Mercury “slows down,” and this causes the planet to appear like it’s moving backward (planets do not move backward, so this is an optical phenomenon from Earth’s vantage point). Mercury rules travel, communications, clear thinking, and technology.  This is why we seem to see crazy things happen in those areas in our lives during a retrograde.

Our relationship with any planet in the Solar System is always filtered through the vantage point of Earth.  Since the planet appears to be moving backward from the vantage point of Earth, this means that energy is also manifesting in a type of backward flow, which can lead to various kinds of crazy and unpredictable things happening.

Got it – so what should I stay away from during a retrograde?

Think of all of the areas of your life a retrograde can affect.  A good rule of thumb is that all technology (including electronic communications), travel, and communication (verbal, electronic, and even spiritual) can be affected.  On top of that, sometimes you can feel uninspired and even a little foggy!

  1. Be wary of signing contracts and other legal documents with long-term effects. If you have to sign a contract, double-check what you are signing (hello, fine print!).  You don’t want to end up on the losing end of a legal contract because of a retrograde!
  2. Brace for technological fun. This doesn’t just mean your phone, computer, or printer.  It also means traffic lights, train and plane schedules, power outages, and other mishaps for things that rely on technology. If you are going somewhere, be sure you leave extra early to allow for delays.  Ensure you keep some water and candles at home or anything you may need in case of a power outage.  The key is to be prepared in case of technology failure.
  3. Postpone that “Come to Jesus conversation.”  If you have meant to have a challenging conversation with your partner, friend, boss, family members, etc., you may want to postpone it until after the retrograde. During this time, not only are you more likely to misspeak, but others are more likely to misunderstand or misconstrue what you say. So you should wait on those deep and vital conversations until the retrograde is over if it’s possible.  If not, make sure you are clear and concise in your words.  Even better, if you can type out what you want to say, that may be a better way to start the conversation.  Be sure you DOUBLE CHECK any emails or texts before you send them.
  4. Oh Crap! I missed my plane! Mercury is not only the ruler of technology but also the ruler of travel. So if you are traveling somewhere, you are in for a double whammy of retrograde energy.  Missed flights, wrong hotel bookings, last-minute cancelations, and closures are all part of what you can expect during a retrograde.
  5. Drunk texting your ex again? Get ready to “drunk text” your ex even when you are not drunk.  The retrograde can sometimes give us a “foggy brain,” which can make you think that contacting that ex you swore you would never see again is a fantastic idea.  This can also give you the brilliant idea of emailing your boss to tell them precisely what you think of them. Not to mention using reply-all by mistake, texting your parents when you thought you were texting your significant other, or even texting your spouse when you thought you were texting your best friend to complain about your spouse.  During a retrograde, the rule of thumb is, double-check all of your electronic communications and re-visit the “brilliant” idea you just had to reconnect with toxic people!
  6. Did my spirit guide tell me to buy a new car? Energy is always affected by other energies, and even spiritual communications can be affected by the retrograde.  The spirits themselves are not affected, but our ability to understand and interpret messages can be.  If you get any strange or Earth-shattering messages from your spirit guides, it could be that your receiver is a little foggy.  Take all spiritual messages with a grain of salt during this time.

Uhm, Great…, I guess? What can I do to minimize this?

Honestly, the best way to deal with it is to try to keep yourself in balance.  The more frustrated you get, the more these things will bother you, and it will exacerbate your frustration. So, other than some of the recommendations I gave above, here are some things you can do to improve your mental health and emotional health to get through the retrograde unscathed.

  1. Keep your chakras clear – all communication and vibrations will pass through your throat chakra.  Here are some items that can help with that:
    • Blue Apatite – Not only does this crystal work to keep your throat chakra in check, but it also provides overall support for confidence and self-image
    • Honey Calcite – helps with clear thinking and inspiration.
    • Chakra balance bath – A chakra balancing bath ceremony can aid in keeping your chakras active and in balance.
    • Fluorite – This is a fantastic crystal for balancing all chakras and keeping the energy flowing through them.
  2. Disconnect – Plan a disconnection weekend.  Turn off all computers, social media, phones and take two glorious days to yourself.  Go hiking, binge your favorite show, explore your city – there are so many things you can do while being disconnected from technology.
  3. Focus on Gratitude – if you don’t ready have one, this is the perfect time to create a gratitude journal.  Focusing on the good things in your life can minimize the effect of any “bumps” you may encounter during a retrograde.
  4. Art Therapy – Create! This is a great time to connect with your inner artist and create! The final product does not matter – your focus is the creating process to boost your creativity and release tension and stress.
  5. Major Self-Care – Self-care is one of the best things you can do to keep your mental health stable.  Below are some ideas
    • Meditation – Meditation is a great stress-relieving activity that can help you relax and connect with your spirit.  Never tried it? You can start with many different phone apps such as calm, insight Timer, Headspace, etc. But, if you are looking for something more in-depth, try my Meditation Webinar, “Meditation Basics,” at the Wyld Academy!
    • Relaxation Bath rituals – There is nothing like a relaxing soak in the tub, a glass of wine, and your favorite tunes to re-charge your batteries.  Try our new Aromatherapy Bath Salts, CBD Bath Salts, Herbal Baths, or even a Gemstone Bath!
    • Connect with Nature – Go on a hike, hug a tree or feed your local ducks.  A connection with nature can restore not just the body but also the spirit!
    • Have a spa day – You can do this at a spa or at home! Start with a relaxing bath, have a facial, Relaxing pedicure, and a little soothing Aromatherapy!

Staying balanced is the key to getting through the season.  Don’t let things get to you, double-check your communications, allow for extra time in all travel-related ventures (even just heading into work), don’t throw your printer out the window, and make time for Self-care! Generally, we have about 3 Mercury retrogrades a year, so understanding the best techniques that you have for staying balanced will make each one go by with the least amount of aggravation possible!