Correspondences have always fascinated me from my first days learning witchcraft.  I am literally obsessed with how science and mysticism come together and correspondences were the ultimate connection! I dove deep and found out that they date back to Babylon over 2400 years ago! So how did the ancients know what each planet meant? The energy it carried? Were they all full of crap? I needed to know more.

So I started with Astronomy.  The NASA website is just about my favorite website.  The SDO project lets you know what is going on with the sun every single day.  Hubble gives us a view of the early Universe, Juno shows us Jupiter and Cassini – well – Cassini was a total obsession.  How can it not me? Who does not want to know the secrets that Saturn holds?

What I found astounding as I did my research was how close the ancient interpretations were to the energy of what is actually happening at each planet.  Is it any wonder that Mercury is associated with speed when it has the fastest orbit of all planets in the Solar system? It is chance, that Jupiter is associated with expansion when it is the biggest gas giant we have in our solar neighborhood? And Saturn (my personal favorite – and not just because I am a Capricorn) – is it any wonder that it is associated with order and organization? Imagine the organization ability it takes to keep all of those rings in sync – being that each one of them is made up of tiny particles! How did the ancients know? The answer is simple – they tapped into the energy and discovered it for themselves.  The fact that we have telescopes now and can actually verify the information is pretty awesome, but they knew.  Back in Babylon, 2400 years ago, they knew.  That in itself tells me all I need to know about planetary energy.

Many witches today work from tables.  This planet means this – that planet means that.  But there is really no substitute for actually connecting with the energy and feeling it for yourself.  This is always the first step in any practice, because it all comes back to correspondences.  One you understand the planets and elements, you get energy – you get magick.  This is why I created the Connecting with Correspondences class.  It is a baseline that all practitioners should be intimately connected to – without having to resort to a chart or table.  Are you ready to begin your cosmic journey? I cannot wait!!

This week, during tea time, we talk correspondences! My tea is a combo of Hibiscus Mint and English Breakfast (try it – you will thank me later!).  If you are wondering what my tea Thermos is, you can find here on Amazon (I love it so much I bought 2 of them!)