For this week I am using Stacey Demarco’s Elemental Oracle deck.  Takeaways from this reading are as follows for the week:

Obstacles: Beware of relying too much on intuition and not enough on your common sense.  Remember that you are a complete being and you need to make decisions that work for you mind, body and soul.  Your gut is only part of that process.  Take a moment and take a breath before you jump into something unexpected.

Opportunities: All of us have cycles in our lives.  Which cycles are you currently repeating because you are afraid to make a change or afraid of the unknown? Cycles give us a second chance to make a good decision – a new opportunity – a do-over so to speak that allows you to change the course of things.  Pay attention to cycles in your life and see how you can make the most of it!

We are still sitting in a Uranus retrograde and that means expect the unexpected! look to your feminine side to help you make decisions that are kind to yourself and those around you.