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Wyld Energy Forecast – 01/19/2021

Wyld Energy Forecast – 01/19/2021

This week we have The sun moving from Capricorn to Aquarius on the 19th.  This can sometimes feel a little abrupt as we move from the earthy grounding organization energies of Capricorn to the Visionary insightful energies of Aquarius.

The Cards

This week I am using the Kali Oracle by Alana Fairchild, I have always been a huge fan of her work, but this deck has gone above and beyond her normal awesomeness! If you are wondering, wow, her name seems familiar, well that’s because you probably own one of her other amazing decks: White Light Oracle, Divine Circus Oracle, Wild Kuan Yin Oracle, Earth Warriors Oracle, Kuan Yin Oracle, Isis Oracle – need I go on? Trust me, you need this oracle!

First House – Obstacles to be aware of and don’t let them rule you


“She shines her blessing of divine destruction, clearing away that which undermines your confidence and inhibits your activity in your life path.  With the courage born of unconditional trust, you can accept her fierce intervention in your own life, with openness to the positive changes that shall emerge as a result. —- Alana Fairchild”

Smashana is fierce and shows us as we know Kali in her destructive aspect.  Although destruction can be painful and difficult it is a necessary process in order to make room for new things, new beginning and new paths.  Sometimes we can make these transitions even more painful as we resist and fight against it instead of trying to understand how to make things flow easier.  This week you may experience unexpected shifts or unexpected energies.  Try to move with it as much as possible – know that things do pass and you will come out the other side. If you find a way to roll with it – you may even be able to come out on top!

Second House – Opportunities you may not want to overlook


“With her protection, even significant uncertainty, does not need to be wrought with despair.  There is a pathway that can shift your devastation into a palpable experience of being protected and guided through a difficulty.  Trust where you are being led. Grace shall come from this” —- Alana Fairchild”

Vishvamata reminds us that although Kali brings crazy change, she does not abandon us during that time.  Look for the support you have that you may be ignoring during difficult times.  Your friends, family, community and even spirit helpers are there for you.  All you need to do is remember to ask for aid.  Abrupt change can sometimes cause us to become paralyzed in fear or to overreact.  Neither is productive during this time – reach out for help – knowing you are not alone can go a long way to making change better – and even pleasant!