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TWII: Crystals for the New Year

Let's explore which crystals can help you with your New Year's work and manifestation. Lady Raven will explore the energy of 5 crystals that should be your BFF while you do your New years manifestation work! The 5 crystals are Garnierite, Serpentine, Green Aventurine, Blue Apatite, and Tiger's Eye!

New Year Magick!

The new year brings possibilities and changes.  It is a time of re-birth - we get a do-over for anything that went wrong the last year. So let's take full advantage of it!!   [su_youtube url="" title="New Year Magick!"]

A New Year Ceremony

I started this ceremony in 2020 due to my Tamed Wild subscription box (one of the best boxes on the market and worth the cost - you should check it out!). It has become a tradition, and this is the third year I am doing it, so I wanted to share it with you all!…