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Blood Moon 07/27/2018

Full Moon in Aquarius! 07/27/2018

This upcoming full moon is not only a full moon, but also a total lunar eclipse – the longest one in the 21st Century! Unfortunately if you are in the US you will not be able to see it – but it does not mean that you cannot feel it’s energetic pull or even work it’s magick!

Generally full moons are charged with emotions, but this one in particular is going be supercharged due to the eclipse! The good thing is that being in aquarius, it generally means a resolution to emotional woes, if you take advantage of it’s energy.  This is a time to re-evaluate current relationships and decide if they need to be continued or not.  It can also be a time to re-set a relationship going badly and start over.  Aquarius will help you to sift through your emotional hang-ups, but it also means that you must feel things that you have been avoiding for some time.  The emotional wave will be high, so whatever you do be aware that things may be as good or as bad as they appear during this time.

If you are planning to work magick, this is a time to get rid of relationships that no longer serve you.  A good time for cord cuttings or to even get rid of those emotional habits you never seem to completely shake.  Use the energetic light of this moon to find new ways to deal with old problems or possibly even find new directions in order to achieve your dreams and goals.

Whatever you decide to do in this moon, just be aware that emotions will run high – not just for you but for everyone else too.  Although impulsive behavior will be at it’s peak, try to channel that energy to positive endeavors instead of negative thoughts!