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New Moon Archangel Ariel Vigil – July 12th 2018!

New Moon Vigil with Archangel Ariel!

In this past new moon Raven performed a Vigil with Archangel Ariel. She asked her to watch over, heal and help any animal in our lives that was in need.

Archangel Ariel, is also known as the “Lioness of God”. She watches over nature and the natural world. In this capacity she is the perfect Archangel to call upon to aid our animal friends!

How it works:

The New Moon and Full Moons are the perfect time to invoke the aid of any spiritual entities to give us aid. These entities can be Archangels, Animal Totems, Orisha’s, Lwa’s, Deities and more. 

The vigil altar was adorned with stones, herbs and scents in accordance with Archangel Ariel. Raven invoked Archangel Ariel in sacred space and will lit a candle and said a prayer for each animal that needed aid. The Altar will remained in place for a full 24 hour period.

Participants submitted the following information:

Name of the Animal in need of healing or protection
Approximate age of animal or birthdate (if known)
Type of Animal
Reason for request (i.e. – do the need healing, protection, etc)

Prayer vigils are a free community service that Raven provides and anyone can participate! You see upcoming vigils on our facebook page here!

Below are some pictures of our vigil!