Hello everyone!

This is a relationship spread. Start with 3 crystals to represent 3 relationships. I chose Romantic, Family and Friends. You can choose those or any other 3. Charge each crystal with your intent to represent that relationship.  Be sure to select crystals that you really connect with for each relationship type.  This will make it easier to program them.

In terms of decks, the least complicated deck the better!  This spread will work much better with Oracle decks rather than Tarot decks.  I really like the deck I used in this spread – this is the Moonology deck, it works really well.  I am listing a few others that I have also tried and that have worked well with this spread:

Moonology Oracle Cards – by Yasmin Boland
The Moon Deck – by Aarona Lea Pichinson and Andi Keh
The Spirit Animal Oracle – by Colette Baron-Reid

I am sure that many other oracle decks work well – these are just the ones I have used so far! Set the crystals in a semi-circle across from you – leave room for your card!

~~ Romantic: Relationship 1 – Card represents what you need to do to improve that relationship.

~~ Family: Relationship 2 – since this is a group of people in the same category it may represent what you need to do or what may be happening amongst them to cause disruption and how you can help.

~~ Friends: Relationship 3 – this is also a group but my intent was how can I improve my relationship with those I care about.

Be sure to charge each crystal to represent the answers you are seeking. It can be reflective of what you need to do in the relationship, what needs to happen in a group or even what may be causing problems in the group.

Below is a video that explains how to work with this spread! I hope you enjoy it!


Relationship Crystal/Card Spread