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Tag: Vibration

Let us Explore Psychic Gifts!

Let’s explore psychic gifts in our session today! The number one question I get asked is, “Can you tell me what my psychic gifts are?” And the answer is always a resounding no – I cannot tell you that, but you can most definitely tell yourself! How does that happen? How can we…

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The basics of working with crystals

I Gotta Charge my Crystals! I hear this all the time during the full moon and every single time it drives me crazy! I have a feeling this expression came from a misunderstanding about how old witches would save energy in pebbles and rocks to use later.  The use of crystals was big…

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Vibrational Manifestation

How do spells actually manifest into the things we want? These are the same principles we work with, when we work with the law of attraction. Is it mystical or physical? How does a spell I cast actually manifest into money, or love or success? It all goes back to vibration.  Sometimes I…

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