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TWII: The Goddess is Calling

So you have been feeling the pull of Goddess energy recently but are not sure where to start? Let’s discuss how to begin this work and identify a Goddess that may have come to you recently. The path of the Goddess can be very rewarding for those who choose to follow it. Is…

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Starting a Meditation Practice

Have you ever thought about starting your very own meditation practice? If not, this is the time to start! Meditation not only has health benefits, but it is also a fantastic tool to connect with your spirit guides and your higher self. And, it is easier than you may think to get started!…

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New Moon in Libra – TWII 10/04/21

Since Instagram was down today, I went ahead and recorded the video for everyone! Gotta love Mercury retrograde and technology! I hope all of you have a fantastic Libra New Moon!

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Working with Full Moon Energy

There are so many different ways to make use of Full Moon Energy.  The key is understanding what the moon offers you during this phase and taking full advantage of it. So let’s talk about the Pisces Full Moon tonight and some ideas on the types of work you can do, not just…

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Connecting with your Higher Self – TWII 08/09/21

Join me to discuss the higher self and how important it can be in your spiritual path.  The higher self is our gateway to connecting with all things spirit, including our spirit guides, psychic gifts, ancestors, and even the divine.  Building a connection with your higher self is the first step in connecting…

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