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Tag: Law of attraction

TWII: Glamour and Attraction

  Glamour is one of the most underrated types of Magick. However, small spells can make a BIG difference in how others see and interact with you. This is always the first step in attraction magick before you pull out the big guns! Let’s talk about how these spells can help you!  

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Basics of Manifestation – The Witch is in 07/26/2021

Let’s discuss how manifestation works. You have way more power than you may think! We can all manifest what we want without picking up our magic tools.  It’s a matter of mindset and having clarity on where you want to go and what you want to do.  And magick can always add a…

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Vibrational Manifestation

How do spells actually manifest into the things we want? These are the same principles we work with, when we work with the law of attraction. Is it mystical or physical? How does a spell I cast actually manifest into money, or love or success? It all goes back to vibration.  Sometimes I…

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