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Raven prefers to work with each client one on one to address their own personal growth needs.  After the initial consultation, Raven will develop a growth plan for your journey and help you every step of the way! This is a path that is as unique as each client, because no path is the same for everyone.  There are so many things that get in the way of us finding our way! Raven can help you uncover and clear blockages, connect with your spirit guides and animal totems, and ancestors.  Raven is simply a facilitator in this process, ultimately the choice is yours on how you choose to walk with your divine self. Some techniques that Raven uses are listed below:

 Cord Removal

Sometimes we become so attached to people and things to such an extent that a cord removal is required so that we can progress with our lives.  Cord removals generally take place as part of a healing process, when we are attempting to leave painful situations in our past so that we can build a new path for ourselves.  Cord removals will generally have a mundane plan associated with them that you will need to perform as well as any energetic work done on your behalf.  Cord Removal ceremonies are offered free of charge once a month.  Bookings take place first come first serve.  For now those are the only sessions available for cord removal.  More options will be available at a later date.

Guided Journeying

Journeying is a powerful tool that those in the shamanic practice use to connect with their spirit helpers.  You can connect with your spirit guides, ancestors, animal guides and more.  Depending on your situation, Raven can lead you into a shamanic journey to discover answers for yourself, or she may journey on your behalf to retrieve information on different areas you may be struggling in. Journeying can provide information, guidance and clarity at difficult times.

Soul Retrieval

During traumatic situations, we can lose a piece of ourselves.  Sometimes this happens as a defense mechanism that our spirit or soul uses in order to protect itself from the trauma.  The pieces of our soul sometimes are unable to find their way back to us, and this can cause a blockage in our ability to deal with issues and situations.  This can cause you to feel stuck or unable to move past something.  Soul retrieval is the process of recovering those lost pieces so that they can be re-integrated into the whole in a good and healthy way.  These soul fragments may be from this life or from past lives as well.

Ancestor Clearing

Ancestors can pass their traumas through their DNA to their descendants.  Sometimes they can affect how we interact with the world and how we approach situations.  Removing these traumas are important so that the ancestors are able to heal from it but also so that the trauma is not passed down to new generations.  Ancestor clearing is a beautiful ceremony where we invite your ancestors to release all trauma that their souls have been holding on to.  This can help to bring them peace, as well as you and any descendant you may have.

Uncrossing, Hex and Entity Removal

It is rare that someone is actually hexed or crossed by another person but it does happen.  It is important to understand that a cross or a hex is simply just negative energy or spirits sent your way.  It can at times be done by people with no magical training, simply with negative thinking, envy, resentment or other bad feelings.  We can at times cross ourselves also if we are caught in a negative life pattern.  Negative spirits or constructs (sometimes called attachments) can at times be picked up and will linger around people.  With uncrossing and hex removal we will generally need to do a reading first to understand the extent of the situation before any work is done.  Uncrossing and hex removal is among the most difficult and time consuming work and will always require you to follow up with a mundane plan as well.  Once Raven begins working with you she can help identify if you actually have a curse, hex or attachment and help you to remove it.

Spirit Guide or Animal Totem Discovery

Raven can help clients identify and connect with their animal totems or spirit guides.  This process is different for everyone, and will require time and patience on your side.  The end result however is a beautiful relationship with a spiritual helper or guardian that can last a lifetime!

Home and Land Clearings

If you are local in York or Lancaster Counties in SC Raven offers new home blessings and clearings.  This service is generally performed at your location, and all supplies needed are brought.  Depending on the service or infestation, this service can take anywhere from 60 minutes to 3 hours.  House cleansing is ideal for locations with a lot of negative energy infestation, spirits and other nasties.  A new home blessing is excellent for protecting and blessing your location before you move in.  Generally all members of the family who live or plan to live at the location will need to be available for a counseling session before services are rendered.  Please contact Raven for more details!

Spiritual Guidance

When we begin our spiritual awakening, it can at times feel overwhelming.  Sometimes things can happen to where we begin to question ourselves.  Am I on the right path? Is this for me? Can I do this? Raven has guided hundreds of people into their new spiritual development.  Whether you are exploring witchcraft, shamanism, voudou, Paganism and even a different view of Christianity, she can provide guidance every step of the way! There are so many amazing rewards for you when you begin to explore your own unique spirituality.  Lady Rave can help you to take full advantage of these, as well as help you to maintain a good code of ethics, avoid pitfalls and more.