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Spring Cleaning: breaking bad habits!

Spring Cleaning! This is not only done in our material lives, but also in our spiritual ones.  How many times do we make promises to ourselves just to end up right back where we started? I vowed the break up with sugar last year, and well let’s just say that toxic relationship has not ended.  So now I a seeking a little extra help! I am creating a talisman to help, and I figured I would share because, well, we all need a little help at times!  Begin by taking a look deep within – who is your toxic partner? 8 Easy steps to break a Bad Habit

* Are you trying to get on a budget and can’t seem to do it?
* Are you trying to quit smoking/drinking or breaking any other bad habit?
* Does that diet never quite seem to get off the ground?
* Are you trying to break that procrastination you may have about starting a new project
* Are you trying to remove negative people from your life?
* Do you doubt yourself sometimes, are you trying to be more self-confident?

There are so many things that we do in life that jeopardize our success. Many of them involve bad habits that we get into that may stand in the way or newer more healthier habits forming. Well, this is the perfect time of year to break out of those bad habits and try to create new and more successful habits. All you need is some time and a little piece of Black Obsidian! This can be a crystal, a necklace, bracelet or even earrings.  Whatever feels right for you so long as it is black Obsidian.  I chose black obsidian because it is hands down one of the best crystals for grounding or burying things you want to get rid of.

Black-obsidian-tumble-stonesCreating a Black Obsidian Crystal talisman

Need – Black Obsidian in any form, paper and pen

1) Place your Black obsidian in a bowl of Salt Water overnight to cleanse it of any negative influences.

2) When it’s cleansed, sit down with your stone and pull out your paper and pen and write down exactly what you want to see happen. Which habit do you want to break? Make your wish clear and specific – remember – start with baby steps first and then you can move up to more complicated requests – here is an example:

If you are trying to lose weight – instead of saying, “I am trying to lose weight”, pick one bad habit you have and work on that first, “I wish to stop snacking on junk food before bed”, or you can say, “I wish to cut down on the number of deserts I eat during the week” or “I want to stop eating so much fast food and if I have to eat fast food I want to make healthier choices”

Being specific and choosing one habit at a time is key to success.  Losing weight has many different factors, such as snacking, meal choices, exercise and even drinking.  Choose one at a time to work on so that you do not fee overwhelmed and give up.

If you are trying to stay on a budget – instead of saying “I want to save money and be on budget” try, ” I want to stop spending x dollars on starbucks every week”, or ” I want to cut down the number of times I eat out per month to X instead of Z,” or even, “I want to cut down on the number of ‘impulse shopping purchases’ I make every month”.

Why is it so hard to save money? Do you spend money on food because you don’t want to cook? Well you can stock up on pre-made meals and ask your talisman to help you with that.  I understand the struggle being that I have stocked all kinds of healthy meals, and I still end up going out to Chick-fil-a on a craving! Sometimes it’s hard to resist that morning starbucks, or that purse you saw at the mall.  Ask your talisman to help you keep your impulses in check.  Maybe you decide to not purchase things when you first see them.  Maybe you go home and wait and if you still want it the next day you can go get it.  Your talisman can help with that too.

If you are trying to banish a negative person from your life – instead of saying “I want to banish Judy from my life,” you may choose instead, “I want to cut down on the number of times a week I speak with Judy” or even “I want to stop seeing Judy every Saturday” or something to that effect.

You get the idea – make it specific – the more specific your request is, the better your chances of success. And remember baby steps that build on one another.  Chances are you didn’t develo these habits overnight and you won’t get rid of them overnight either.

Stunning Black Obsidian Bracelet Gemstone Bracelet Healing | Etsy |  Pulseras de cristal, Pulseras hombre, Pulseras con significado3) Once your have your intent clearly stated on paper, hold your cleansed black obsidian item in your hand. Close your hand over it and focus on the stone. Feel the power of the stone – the blackness of it, the grounding and how it can remove obstacles.  It can help you down those bad habits anf help give that energy back to mother earth to be recycled.

4) Once you feel the power of the stone in your hand, read your intent to yourself or out loud while still holding the stone. Feel the stone now charging to the intent that you have chosen, its energy complimenting yours – slowly and peacefully mixing with yours to help you bring about the changes you selected.

5) Once you feel the stone is imprinted with your intent you are done! I generally like to wrap the paper around the stone and leave it on my altar for 24 hours to ensure a good imprint.  Keep the stone close to you – on your person at all times until you feel your bad habit has been broken.  When you are ready to work on the next step, cleanse it and imprint it again.

The salt water is an easy way to cleanse it – but you can also smudge it or use a sage spray on it. We can do it – we can break our bad habits and we are not ashamed of using a little magick to help us!

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