This is a very simple and easy spell – best done in the New Moon or Wanning Moon phase:

You will need:

* 1 Star anise pod (preferably one that has all of its little arms – but a broke one will work too)
* 1 Purple spell candle (you can use white in a pinch)
* 1 Anointing Oil for your candle – you can use any of the following: Moon oil, Water Oil, Sandalwood, Lemongrass, Anise, Myrrth or Orange – any of those will work – if you don’t have any of that, plain old olive oil will work too.
Do not use incense of any type. It will interfere with the spell!

Casting the Spell

1) Cast your Circle as normal

2) Sit in the center of your circle and look at your anise pod. Its little arms stretching out like an open flower (if you don’t have a whole pod, you will have to use extra imagination to picture what that pod would like if it were whole). Take the image of your pod firmly in your mind and close your eyes. Hold the pod tight in your hand and imagine it spinning beautifully.

3) With that image of the spinning pod in your mind, anoint the candle. Feel the energy of the spinning pod moving from your visualization into the candle.

4) Light the candle, close your eyes and imagine the flame of the candle growing brighter and brighter and its gentle glow grows all around you, until you are surrounded by its comforting and protective light.

5) Now bring the image of the spinning pod back into your mind. With your eyes closed, bring the pod up close in the palm of your hand to where you can smell the scent of the Anise. It should be a strong smell. As you take the scent of the Anise in, imagine that your third eye chakra starts to open into a beautiful flower, like the pod did. It starts to spin in sync with the pod. The gentle energy of the candle that surrounds you helps to remove any blockages you have until you can feel the chakra spinning freely and completely open. Do this for as long as you wish.

6) Once you are done, snuff out the candle and save it for the next time you want to do this same spell. This candle can be used multiple times so long as its for the same purpose. Be sure to properly close your circle.

7) You can hold on to the Anise pod and use it as a meditation piece, anytime you need to bring the image of your open and healthy third eye chakra bring it out and let the scent of it guide you. You can also have it close to you anytime you attempt any type of divination. I like to carry it with me in a little plastic bag (so it doesn’t lose its scent) and any time I feel bogged down, I pull it out, take a good sniff of that Anise and I feel my third eye opening right up!

You can do this spell once a month if you wish – I wouldn’t do it any more often than that. You can use the same Anise pod, so long as it still has its scent – the scent of the Anise is very important for this spell so if it has lost the scent, use a new one.

And its that easy! Enjoy!