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Divine Masculine Balance Tarot Card Spread

I developed this spread to focus on personal power and growth over the summer. Let’s take advantage of all of this fantastic sun energy and put it to good use!

This spread focuses on helping us to find our authenticity and release the things that no longer serve us. This isn’t easy to do, as these things sometimes make us feel safe and comfortable. However, they also stand in the way of growth and letting new things into our lives that could be AMAZING!

In this spread, we will focus on balancing the Divine Masculine. When balanced, the Divine Masculine gives us our “get up and go” daily. It helps to protect ourselves and stay focused on our goals. The Divine Masculine is the hunter, looking for opportunity and a way to keep us supported and moving forward. He helps to manifest our most profound dreams and break through blockages that may stand in our way.

The Houses

There are 4 houses in this spread, which should give clues about how balanced you are and what things you need to work on. It is possible to be balanced in some things and unbalanced in others. The Divine Masculine is not necessarily a “block” energy. It is nuanced, allowing you to work in layers addressing issues from the smallest to the biggest.

I like to add a piece of citrine or sunstone to the middle of the spread. Both of these crystals have strong connections to the Divine Masculine, and you can call on them to help you see and understand better the messages you are receiving.

1. You

This house represents you or the issue currently at hand. This can show you current issues in your life, hopes, fears, etc. This is a starting point for your journey into balance.

Set your intention before beginning your reading for overall balance or to find your footing in a specific situation. Once your intent is set, be sure to stay consistent throughout.

2. Underactive

This house will represent areas where your energy is underactive. This means you are perhaps not taking charge or being a leader. It can also mean you are not fighting hard enough or putting enough effort into something.

This house also speaks to Wisdom and mentoring. You may already have what you need in order to move forward; you may just not be seeing it. Are you sitting on decisions you need to make? If so, this house may illuminate why.

3. Overactive

This house will expose areas where this energy may be way out of control. Many times this will manifest as ego out of control. Are you being controlling, judgmental or narrow-minded? Are you over-critical of yourself or others? Are you not showing compassion and love? Are wanting to win at all costs, regardless of how it affects others?

When our inner DM is over-active, we can be easily angered and unwilling to accept new things or ideas. The “I am the only one who can do it right” is a trademark of the overactive Divine Masculine.

4. Balance

What does balance look like for you? What are things that you need to release so that you can make room for something new? Where do you need to be more engaged or less engaged?

Often this house will highlight areas of our lives where hidden strengths lie. We can get caught up in the daily minutia or the negatives of our lives that we can overlook the strengths and talents we already have!

Likewise, this can also show us where we are self-sabotaging and standing in our own way. The unwillingness to adapt, release or accept certain things can be a roadblock to getting to a place of balance.

This is a great spread to inner work and for anything where we may feel stuck or powerless in a situation. This spread can remind us of the power that we already have inside and how to best use it to improve our lives and the lives of those we love!