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Let’s Talk Correspondences!

Correspondences have always fascinated me from my first days learning witchcraft.  I am literally obsessed with how science and mysticism come together and correspondences were the ultimate connection! I dove deep and found out that they date back to Babylon over 2400 years ago! So how did the ancients know what each planet…

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Let’s talk about what is intuition and how is it developed. Did you know that shadow work can play a huge role in improving your intuition? Lady Raven lays out her approach to intuitive Development. How do you cultivate Intuition? There are so many misconceptions of what Intuition is.  Remember, you are a…

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Vibrational Manifestation

How do spells actually manifest into the things we want? These are the same principles we work with, when we work with the law of attraction. Is it mystical or physical? How does a spell I cast actually manifest into money, or love or success? It all goes back to vibration.  Sometimes I…

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Spirituality vs. Spiritual Tools

Understanding the difference between your Spiritual tools and Spiritual practice is the first step on your path. Getting started right means you can make the most out of your journey! This is such a confusing step since many tools today are synonymous with “being spiritual”.  Things like a yoga practice, crystal energy, herbalism,…

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