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Tag: Spirituality

TWII: The Goddess is Calling

So you have been feeling the pull of Goddess energy recently but are not sure where to start? Let’s discuss how to begin this work and identify a Goddess that may have come to you recently. The path of the Goddess can be very rewarding for those who choose to follow it. Is…

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TWII – Connecting with Purpose

  Finding Purpose is one of the things that most people struggle with. How can I find out what my purpose is? Am I already walking in my purpose? Let’s talk about the self-discovery process that can lead you to find your purpose and how you can get started!

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Spirituality vs. Spiritual Tools

Understanding the difference between your Spiritual tools and Spiritual practice is the first step on your path. Getting started right means you can make the most out of your journey! This is such a confusing step since many tools today are synonymous with “being spiritual”.  Things like a yoga practice, crystal energy, herbalism,…

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