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Tag: Psychic Ability

Pisces Season!

As we move into Pisces season, it means that some of you will have a birthday. But more so than that, the Sun entering Pisces allows us to tap into a vast amount of emotional and psychic energy to help us overcome things and develop our psychic skills. So let’s discuss how you…

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Let us Explore Psychic Gifts!

Let’s explore psychic gifts in our session today! The number one question I get asked is, “Can you tell me what my psychic gifts are?” And the answer is always a resounding no – I cannot tell you that, but you can most definitely tell yourself! How does that happen? How can we…

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New Moon in Libra – TWII 10/04/21

Since Instagram was down today, I went ahead and recorded the video for everyone! Gotta love Mercury retrograde and technology! I hope all of you have a fantastic Libra New Moon!

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Intuition Boost – TWII 08/30/21

Today we will discuss intuition.  Although many think that this only applies to psychic ability or “woowoo” things, the fact is that intuition is an integral part of your day-to-day! Learning to connect with it and trust in it can mean better decisions and an overall improvement in your life!

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Everyday Intuition – TWII 08/30/21

Join me in this conversation about how to use your intuition every day. It should be a part of our daily lives, to guide us and help us make good decisions.  It is all about balancing the brain and intuition.  Only then can we be truly making the best decisions for our higher…

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