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Tag: Ceremony

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries 04/20/23

This New Moon Solar Eclipse brings with it a powerhouse of energy! Eclipses are always times for change and transformation, and this one is no different! The arrival of this Eclipse can open doors, expand opportunities, and bring sudden new beginnings into our lives. It can guide us to plant seeds that will…

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The Meaning of Mabon

Mabon is often considered the Pagan thanksgiving, but there is much more about this Sabbat than many know. Let’s talk about its history of it and cover some ideas on how you can celebrate it!  

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Healing Ceremonies

Healing Magick is one of the witches’ most powerful tools! So what goes into a healing spell? What is the difference between a spell and a ceremony? Are healing spells for animals different than for people? Join Lady Raven to discuss the answers to these questions and much more!

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Creativity and Spell Casting

The best spells are those you create yourself from your creativity. But how do we get there? Are spells from books just as effective as spells we create ourselves? Let’s discuss it!    

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Creating an Ancestor Veneration Practice

Our ancestors hold the power of our lineage.  We carry pieces of them even through today.  An Ancestor veneration practice can help you connect with your ancestors, and tap into your lineage to improve your life and bring healing not only to yourself but to your entire line.  Let me give you some…

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