Sliding Scale Tuition

My goal is to ensure that everyone who wishes to learn can do so, regardless of financial need.  To this end, I offer payment plans and also sliding scale and trade services.

How this works: Fill out the form below explaining why you need assistance and which class you are interested in taking. Please note we only approve one class at a time for financial assistance. Next, list if you have any services you can exchange for your class fees (i.e., a massage therapist, a Reiki practitioner, a hairdresser, etc.).  I am a firm believer in equal exchange, and that exchange does not need to be monetary.

Once approved, your sliding scale may include a combination of services and tuition (based on your offerings). However, you MUST pay all reduced tuition fees IN FULL before the class starts.  For this reason, I highly recommend using the Paypal credit option, or you can use a credit card of your choice. Unfortunately, we do not allow payment plans along with reduced tuition rates.

Exam Access

You can request exam access for any exam that allows you to test out of a pre-requisite for a class.  Please note the following:

You are taking this exam to attempt to test out of our pre-requisite for an upper-level class. Please be aware of the following:

1) You will be allowed ONE attempt for any exam.  Please be sure to take it when you are fully prepared. If you encountered problems, please get in touch with the administrator directly

2) No reference materials are to be used during any exam

3) You need to score a 90% to pass any exam and test out of the pre-requisite.

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