Raven is a born Empath, Third Degree High Priestess, Vodou Priestess and and modern day medicine woman and uses her gifts as such to aid her clients in her readings and spiritual work.

She uses a combination of empathy, Mediumship, Animal Spirit guides and her relationship with Deities, Orishas and Lwas  to bring you guidance and direction in any area of your life.  A card reader for over 20 years, she can help you find answers to overcoming obstacles in life as well as aiding in spiritual growth. Although Raven can help open to door to different paths, it is up to you to decide ultimately where you want your life and spiritual path to go.

Her preferred method is to provide remote services via zoom, but she also offers sessions in person once a week at her Rock Hill, SC store:

Raven Moon Emporium
2210 India Hook Road #104
Rock Hill, SC 29732


Spiritual Guidance Sessions | Spiritual Evolution and DevelopmentSpiritual Guidance and Teaching (Remote and in-person sessions available)

Do you often feel pulled in a spiritual direction and not sure where to start? Raven can help you explore your own spirituality and help you get started in a practice that will be fulfilling and enriching.  We do not have to be limited to one spiritual path or another. We can forge our own – if you know where to look and how to get started! Raven can help you develop your own plan of personal spiritual practice to get in touch with your inner self, and find your calling in life.

Spiritual Guidance can be performed in person or remote. The best way to get started is to take her year long class “Fundamentals of shamanic Witchcraft” at her school, The Wyld Academy. If you prefer one-on-one learning, Raven has options to teach that class privately or to create a program specifically for you. You can also book Lady Raven for teaching events for your community and at your location.  Please contact her directly for details.

Spiritual Guidance Initial Assessment: FREE – 15 Minutes – Remote only
Spiritual Guidance sessions: $100 per hour Remote/$125 per hour in person

(Raven Offers Spiritual Medicine on a Sliding Scale.  No one will be turned away for lack of funds, she will also accept service trades if needed.  If funds are an issue for you, please contact Lady Raven before booking. An energy exchange of some time must be provided but it does not need to be completely monetary. This can also be discussed on your initial session!)

Pin van Aslıhan Arslan op My Style | Reiki, Spiritualiteit, AuraSpirit Medicine (Remote and in-person sessions available)

Spirit Medicine is a different approach to healing and removing energetic blocks and obstacles that keep us from being able to move forward in our lives.  We are vibrational beings, and a disruption in our vibrational field can manifest in many different ways, even if it comes outside of us.  In this sense, Trauma, personal shadows and even physical injuries can have a vibrational echo that affects the alignment of our entire vibrational system.  During Spirit Medicine sessions, Raven can give you clarity and guidance into clearing these vibrational disruptions, with the goal of bringing the entire being back into balance.  Medicine sessions can range from ceremonies, soul retrieval, ancestor clearings, cord removal, chakra clearings, journeys, spirit herbal medicine, crystal work and more. She can also work with you if you feel plagued by entities, or are having bouts of bad luck or feeling persecuted by others to get to the root of the issue and find a way to bring you relief.  Sometimes this may require spells and ceremonies.  Depending on the issue, she can perform those services or provide guidace on how to perform them yourself. For these services she brings forth all of her knowledge in witchcraft, shamanism, vodou and other practices to find the best possible outcome for you.

If you are interested in discussing your particular situation, the first step is to book a 15-minute assessment session with her, which is free.  This session will be conducted over the phone and you will discuss the situation and come up with different options to move forward in getting the situation resolved.  After the initial assesment, depending on the issue, you may need 1 or more spiritual medicine full sessions to get the issue remedied,

Spiritual Medicine Initial Assessment: FREE – 15 Minutes – Remote only
Spiritual Medicine sessions: $100 per hour Remote/$125 per hour in person

(Raven Offers Spiritual Medicine on a Sliding Scale.  No one will be turned away for lack of funds, she will also accept service trades if needed.  If funds are an issue for you, please contact Lady Raven before booking. An energy exchange of some time must be provided but it does not need to be completely monetary. This can also be discussed on your initial session!)

Tarot Readings (Remote and in-person sessions available)

Tarot readings are performed using a modified Celtic Cross method.  These readings are generally long and detailed.  Customers do not need to have specific questions for these readings, as they are excellent tools to get a broad overview of your current life situation and possible paths available to you.  These readings can be done in a 30 or 60 minute format. However, you need to specify which reading you want ahead of time as she uses different spreads for each one.

Tarot readings are excellent for untangling all aspects of  life.  From big life decisions to how those outside of your life impact your events, these readings can give a wide range of possibilities and answers. Tarot readings can give you guidance on career, love, money, health, relationships, opportunities and more!

Full Tarot Reading (1 hour): $100 Remote/ $125 in person
Compact Tarot Reading (30 Minutes): $70 Remote/ $85 in person
One question Tarot Reading (15 Minutes): $40 Remote/ $50 in person

Archetype Readings (Remote and in-person sessions available)

Full Archetype Readings offer insight on your personal archetypes on how you relate to life in general.  Raven uses the elemental guide posts of the 5 elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Spirit) to connect with each aspect of your life.  We will first look at your primary archetypes and then look at Archetype changes that can be made so that you can improve how you handle life in general and different situations that come up.  These readings will give you insight on behavior changes that you may need to make in order to improve your life.  These readings are excellent for anyone engaged in or starting any type of shadow work.

Compact Archetype readings offer insight into your personal archetypes. Instead of using the 5-elemental point method, Raven will focus on 3 aspects of your life: Physical, Emotional and Inner/Spiritual.  These readings can give a brief insight on changes you can make to be more successful!

Full Archetype Reading (1 hour): $100 Remote / $125 In-person
Compact Archetype  (20 Minutes): $50 Remote/ $75 In-person

Animal Totem Card Readings (Remote and in-person sessions available)

These readings use shamanic totems and principles to provide clients with guidance in life as well as answers to specific questions.  These readings can also provide clients information about animal totems that may be currently willing to work with each person as they walk down their spiritual path. Raven has long since worked with Animal totems in her spiritual practice.  During totemic guidance readings she connects with her totems and engages them to connect with any totems that either already work with you (whether you are aware of it or not) or that are willing to work with you.  Animal Totems are powerful spirits and guide us in everyday issues.  Totemic readings work best for spiritual and psychic development but they can also help to bring change to your life or understand why blockages keep stopping your progress.

Full Animal Totem Reading (60 Minutes): $100 Remote/ $125 In-peerson
Compact Animal Totem Reading (30 Minutes): $70 Remote/$85 In-person
One Question Animal Totem Reading (15 Minutes): $40/ $50 In-person

Animal Totem Discovery (Remote and in-person sessions available)

Animal Totem Discovery is a complex process to discover Animal totems that want to work with you and how you can begin a relationship with them.  This is a process, and it is comprised of 2 sessions.  On the first session, Raven will guide you in a journey to discover animal totems offering to work with you.  After the journey you will discuss the totems that appeared and your homework over the next 2 weeks will be to reach out to each one and see which resonates with you.  On the second Session, Raven will journey on your behalf to find your birth totem. You and Raven will discuss what it means to understad your birth totem. A compact 3 card Animal totem reading will also be done to offer you guidance on how to begin the process of working with your new totems.   Your initial session will be for one hour, and at the end of that session Raven will book the second session with you (Minimum 2 weeks in between sessions).

Animal Totem Discovery (2 sessions of 1.5 hours each): $225 Remote/ $275 In-person

Stone Casting 

Stone Casting is a divination method that Lady Raven developed using crystals, bones and other divination items and their energies.  She also uses cards to complement the stones.  Stone Castings generally require very specific questions and can provide detailed guidance. These readings are excellent for very specific questions, and are mostly Empathic based. If you have more than 1 question you can ask it so long as it stays under 20 Minutes.  If you go over 20 minutes you can choose to continue by adding another 20-minute session.

Stone Casting Readings (20 Minutes) – $50 Remote / $75 In-person

Home and Land Clearings (Available in-person Only)

Home and Land clearings can be done anytime you may feel the need for it.  This can remove negative attachments, negative energies, spiritual entities etc.  A home and land clearing is more than a smudge and clearing.  This is a process and requires the entire family (and anyone else who lives there to be present).  The initial session will begin with an interview of all members where they will be able to explain what they are feeling and which parts of the home they feel it the most.  After this interview, Raven will need the homeowners to give a tour of the home and open any closets or closed doors.  Once Raven has a chance to feel exactly what needs to be done, the clearing will begin.  All members of the home will need to wait outside until the cleansing is completed.  After the inside of the home is cleared then property clearing will take place.  Once the property and home are cleared then the family will be cleansed as they enter back into the home.  At this time Raven will provide the family with information about what she saw or sensed and suggestions on what can be done to prevent this in the future.  Most of these issues generally have a mundane start to them – so be ready to receive advice and information on how certain mundane behaviors can impact the energy of your home and how you can change that.

Home and Land Clearings are generally billed by the hour.  The initial service is $250 and includes 2 hours, after that there will be a $125 charge for each additional hour needed to complete the cleanse.  For large properties and large families, it generally takes between 3-4 hours (sometimes a little less or a little more). Fore smaller properties and families, the clearing can be completed in 2-3 hours.  There will be a travel charge for any travel needed outside of Rock Hill.  Payment is due when services are rendered.  You can book a free 15-minute remote assessment session for more information and to discuss your specific needs.