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Wyld Energy Forecast – June 2021

This month I used the Soul Truth Self-Awareness deck by Brienne Hovey. This deck was so insightful! I also love that it uses clear and concise language to give you…

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Bay Leaf Magick- The Witch is in 5/3/21

Join Lady Raven for a journey on Bay leaf and its uses in magic and everyday life!

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May 2021 Wyld Energy Forecast

Join Lady Raven for a overview of the energies coming into our lives in May 2021. She also did the Monthly card reading, using The White Hare Wisdom Oracle by…

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Candle Magick Tips – The Witch is in 04/19/2021

Join Lady Raven for a tour around the basics of candle magick! This episode is part of the Witch is in event that Lady Raven offers every other Monday.  This…

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Protection Crystals – The Witch is in 04/05/2021

Lady Raven digs into the energetic properties of protection crystals.  In this episode she covers Black Tourmaline, Black Jasper, Black Onyx, Black Obsidian and Smoky Quartz. This is part of…

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