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A New Year Ceremony

I started this ceremony in 2020 due to my Tamed Wild subscription box (one of the best boxes on the market and worth the cost – you should check it…

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Exploring Road Opening

As we are still in the midst of this awesome Eclipse energy, let’s take a minute to talk about road opening!  You have probably heard this term and may not…

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Home and Hearth Magick

Home magick is some of the most crucial spiritual work you can do. Your home is your sanctuary, your own sacred space, and the one place that should bring you…

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Let Sagittarius Take the Wheel!

As we enter Sagittarius season, we are challenged to make changes, explore and go for the things that light up our soul.  Whether you are a Sagittarius or not, you…

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The M-Word!

The dreaded Mercury Retrograde can actually be a good thing!  Understanding what the energies mean and what they can do is key to learning to navigate it.  Let’s talk about…

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