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Working with Lunar Nodes in Spell Casting

The North and South Nodes, or the Lunar Nodes, are celestial points that greatly impact Astrology and your natal chart.  But did you know that you can also tap into that Node Energy for Spell casting? Let’s talk about what a Lunar node means, and you can use it to enhance your magick!

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Wyld Energy Forecast for May 8 – 15

The big event for this week will be taking place on May 14 when Mercury goes direct in Taurus. The big questions are, what lessons did you learn during this retrograde? During this retrograde, we focused on inner work – understanding the undercurrents of emotions and reasons for what we have created in…

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The Root Chakra

The root chakra is often neglected and left out of our spiritual pursuits. Everyone wants to open their third eye or throat or mainly work with the upper chakras for spiritual evolution. However, it is in the Root Chakra that our work begins, and understanding the role of this energy center in our…

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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries 04/20/23

This New Moon Solar Eclipse brings with it a powerhouse of energy! Eclipses are always times for change and transformation, and this one is no different! The arrival of this Eclipse can open doors, expand opportunities, and bring sudden new beginnings into our lives. It can guide us to plant seeds that will…

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Wyld Energy Forecast for April 17 through the 23rd

A lot is coming up for us this week! The big star of this week is the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries, taking place on April 19/20. This is big transformation energy! Take advantage of it to start something new or make changes if you are unhappy about where it’s going. This…

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