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Creating an Ancestor Veneration Practice

Our ancestors hold the power of our lineage.  We carry pieces of them even through today.  An Ancestor veneration practice can help you connect with your ancestors, and tap into your lineage to improve your life and bring healing not only to yourself but to your entire line.  Let me give you some…

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The Gifts of Saturn

Saturn went direct on October 10th.  We finally get our organizational planet back! Saturn always gets a bad rap as the planet of banishing and endings, but there is so much more to this beautiful ringed giant! It’s time to explore all that Saturn energy can do for you!     View this…

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Full Moon Energy – TWII 09/20/21

There are so many different ways to make use of Full Moon Energy.  The key is understanding what the moon offers you during this phase and then taking full advantage of it. So let’s talk about the Pisces Full Moon tonight and some ideas on the types of work you can do, not…

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The Power of Chamomile

Chamomile is a staple in any Herbalist or Witches’ cabinet. It is incredibly versatile, and its benefits have been well documented over the centuries.  It has been used since Egyptian times! So let’s talk about this little herbal gem! I also created a Chamomile information page that you can add to your BoS,…

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Everyday Intuition – TWII 08/30/21

Join me in this conversation about how to use your intuition every day. It should be a part of our daily lives, to guide us and help us make good decisions.  It is all about balancing the brain and intuition.  Only then can we be truly making the best decisions for our higher…

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