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Let Sagittarius Take the Wheel!

As we enter Sagittarius season, we are challenged to make changes, explore and go for the things that light up our soul.  Whether you are a Sagittarius or not, you…

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The M-Word!

The dreaded Mercury Retrograde can actually be a good thing!  Understanding what the energies mean and what they can do is key to learning to navigate it.  Let’s talk about…

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Let us Explore Psychic Gifts!

Let’s explore psychic gifts in our session today! The number one question I get asked is, “Can you tell me what my psychic gifts are?” And the answer is always…

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Rites of Passage

Join me in an exploration of Rites of Passage.  Why are these ceremonies so essential, and how can we incorporate them into our own lives to bring more happiness, closure,…

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The Heart Chakra

Join me to explore the heart chakra during the Witch is in. What does this chakra do, and how can we keep it in balance or restore its balance once…

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