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TWII: Let’s talk cleansing and Purification!

‘Tis the month for cleansing and purification! Imbolc brings us all this clearing and purification energy as mother earth prepares for the explosion of fertility and growth that will start in Ostara! So let’s discuss different ways to cleanse yourself; body, mind, soul, and the environment around you!

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TWII: Cold weather Magick

Cold weather is upon us for the next couple of months (at least!). So let’s dive deeper into how to use this for your work. If you plan to do inner work, manifestation, love, expansion, etc., you can take full advantage of the current season and use it to boost your spiritual work!

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TWII: The Benefits of a Gratitude Practice

Having a strong gratitude practice has so many benefits.  It can help you see the silver lining in dark times, give you hope that things will get better, and even help you lift a curse! Let’s talk about how you can start your own daily gratitude practice and the benefits it can have…

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TWII: Ancestral Veneration

Ancestral work during this time of year is pervasive in many different cultures.  Society has vilified death and stopped celebrating it as a part of life, so we have become disconnected from our ancestors. Ancestral Veneration practice brings you closer to your ancestors, just as it should be! Let’s talk about starting your own practice during the best time of the year to connect!

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TWII: The Complexities of Samhain!

Samhain is coming, and everyone knows that this is when the veil is thin, and we connect with those who came before us. But there are so many more energetic themes to this Sabbat! So let’s cover some of those, and who knows – you may have a brand new idea for your…

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