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Mabon Decision-Making Spread

Mabon marks the start of the Fall. It is the largest harvest festival of the 3 (Lughnadsadh, Mabon, and Samhain); some call it the Pagan Thanksgiving. This is the bulk of the harvest and should also represent harvesting in your life - based on the work you have been doing all year. However, we all…

Summer Magick

Summer is the perfect time of the year for outdoor magick! The beauty of it is that Nature provides all the tools for you! Let's discuss some outdoor magick you can do this summer with little to no tools that can yield big results for you!
Roses, Rose, Rose Magick

Flower Power – The Magick of Roses

Roses have such a rich lore in both Mythology and Magick. It is no wonder that this amazing flower is the representation of love itself! Let's dive into a little lore and connect with the power of Roses so that you can use them in your everyday spell work! TWII: Flower Power - The Magick…

Creativity and Spell Casting

The best spells are those you create yourself from your creativity. But how do we get there? Are spells from books just as effective as spells we create ourselves? Let's discuss it!     [su_youtube url="" title="Creativity and Spell Casting"]

Mabon & The Equinox

For many, this term is used interchangeably - Mabon and the Autumn/Fall Equinox.  But are they the same thing?  The answer is no, and although they carry similar energies, one of them is more related to the Sun while the other is more related to earth.  Understanding both of them is your key to taking…