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Healing Ceremonies

Healing Magick is one of the witches’ most powerful tools! So what goes into a healing spell? What is the difference between a spell and a ceremony? Are healing spells for animals different than for people? Join Lady Raven to discuss the answers to these questions and much more!

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Creativity and Spell Casting

The best spells are those you create yourself from your creativity. But how do we get there? Are spells from books just as effective as spells we create ourselves? Let’s discuss it!    

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TWII – Connecting with Purpose

  Finding Purpose is one of the things that most people struggle with. How can I find out what my purpose is? Am I already walking in my purpose? Let’s talk about the self-discovery process that can lead you to find your purpose and how you can get started!

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TWII: Glamour and Attraction

  Glamour is one of the most underrated types of Magick. However, small spells can make a BIG difference in how others see and interact with you. This is always the first step in attraction magick before you pull out the big guns! Let’s talk about how these spells can help you!  

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Exploring Road Opening

As we are still in the midst of this awesome Eclipse energy, let’s take a minute to talk about road opening!  You have probably heard this term and may not be aware of what it means.  Let’s talk about how we can use Road Opening tools to make 2022 our very best year…

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