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One of the benefits of booking a remote session over Zoom is that your session will be automatically recorded.  Once the session is over, you will receive a copy of the recording!

Save with Session Bundles!

Remote Card Readings and Divination

Raven uses mainly cards, crystals, or bones for Divination.  These readings can clarify current situations, a path for personal growth and development, and even guidance on most life matters.  Raven offers many different types of readings.  You can browse the offerings below and choose the type of reading that works best for you.

Some of the things that readings can provide clarity on are:

    • Advice on Work and Career 
    • Clarity on Love Life, Relationships, and family goals
    • Advice on Life path and purpose
    • Spiritual Development and Guidance
    • Finding paths to Personal growth
    • Releasing negative patterns of behavior and embracing positive change

Remote Energy Medicine Sessions

Energy Medicine is a broad term that covers all types of energy and spirit work. This can be a cleansing, cord removal, ancestral clearing, etc. This is medicine of the spirit. What does that mean?

These sessions can open you up to a new level of spiritual growth in your practice. Clients book this service for many reasons:

    • Are you feeling blocked or stuck in your path?
    • Are you looking to connect with your spirit guides or helpers?
    • Are you trying to expand your spiritual path?
    • Are you looking for spiritual work that complements your current psychotherapy?
    • Do you need to clear past life issues or heal past life patterns?
    • Are you looking to connect with your Ancestors?
    • Are you a healer looking to keep yourself balanced and clear to improve your practice?

There are many things to explore during these sessions. Discovering your spirit guides, connecting with your ancestors, or even exploring your unique gifts and skills. These sessions will be varied depending on what is needed at that point in your journey. They could comprise a ceremony, a mentoring session, a guided journey, a soulful discussion and guidance, and so many other options. Tools include shamanic tools, herbs, incense, smoke Cleansing, blessed waters, and more.

It is impossible to describe what each session will be like because they will be tailored to you based on what your needs and goals are.

Remote Spellcasting

Raven offers remote spellcasting services.  These sessions are good for all types of spellcasting including protection, curse/Jinx removal, Healing, Blessings, Career, Banishing, Balancing, prosperity, etc. (excludes love spells)