Lady Raven offers both Tarot and Oracle card readings. Select the reading that suits you best!

Tarot Readings (Remote and in-person sessions available)

Tarot readings are performed using a modified Celtic Cross method.  These readings are generally long and detailed.  Customers do not need to have specific questions for these readings. They are excellent tools to get a broad overview of your current life situation and possible paths.  We can do these readings in a 20, 60, and 90-Minuteformat. However, you need to specify which reading you want ahead of time as she uses different spreads for each one.

Tarot readings are excellent for untangling all aspects of life.  These readings can give a wide range of possibilities and answers, from big life decisions to how situations can indirectly impact your life. Tarot readings can guide you on career, love, money, health, relationships, opportunities, and more!

Full Tarot Reading (1.5 hour): $150 Remote/ $175 in person
Compact Tarot Reading (60 Minutes): $125 Remote/ $100 in person
One question Tarot Reading (20 Minutes): $50 Remote/ $75 in person

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Archetype Readings (Remote and in-person sessions available)

Complete Archetype Readings offer insight into your personal archetypes on how you relate to life in general.  Raven uses the elemental guide posts of the 5 elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Spirit) to connect with each aspect of your life.  We will first look at your primary archetypes and then look at Archetype changes that you can make to improve how you handle life in general and in different situations.  These readings will give you insight into behavior changes that you may need to improve your life.  These readings are excellent for anyone engaged in or starting shadow work.

Compact Archetype readings offer insight into your personal archetypes. Instead of using the 5-elemental point method, Raven will focus on three aspects of your life: Physical, Emotional and Inner/Spiritual.  These readings can give a brief insight into changes you can make to succeed!

Full Archetype Reading (1.5 hour): $150 Remote / $175 In-person
Compact Archetype  (20 Minutes): $50 Remote/ $75 In-person



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Animal Totem Card Readings (Remote and in-person sessions available)

These readings use shamanic totems and principles to provide clients with guidance in life and answers to specific questions.  These readings can also provide clients with information about animal totems that may be willing to work with each person as they walk down their spiritual path. Raven has long since worked with Animal totems in her spiritual practice.  During totemic guidance readings, she connects with her totems. She engages them to communicate with any totems that either already works with you (whether you are aware of it or not) or are willing to work with you.  Animal Totems are powerful spirits and guide us in everyday issues.  Totemic readings work best for spiritual and psychic development, but they can also help bring change to your life or understand why blockages keep stopping your progress.

Full Animal Totem Reading (90 Minutes): $150 Remote/ $175 In-person
Compact Animal Totem Reading (60 Minutes): $70 Remote/$85 In-person
One Question Animal Totem Reading (15 Minutes): $50/ $70 In-person

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Stone Casting 

Stone Casting is a divination method that Lady Raven developed using crystals, bones, and other divination items and their energies.  She also uses cards to complement the stones.  Stone Castings generally require particular questions and can provide detailed guidance. These readings are excellent for specific questions and are primarily Empathic based. If you have more than 1 question, you can ask it so long as it stays under 20 Minutes.  If you go over 20 minutes, you can choose to continue by adding another 20-minute session.

Stone Casting Readings (20 Minutes) – $50 Remote / $75 In-person


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