Wyld Academy and Student Sessions

The Wyld Academy is the best place to jump-start your spiritual learning.  If you are currently looking for the most cost-effective way to begin your spiritual journey, you can join the Wyld Community – it’s FREE! 

If you are ready to begin more formal and structured teaching, you can browse the Wyld Academy for course offerings and register for any of our live course programs.  Many of these courses are year-long, and they will take place live over Zoom, with each class being recorded so you can watch it as many times as needed.  This is also helpful if you cannot attend a live session, as you can always stay up-to-date by reviewing current lectures.

Suppose you are a currently Wyld Academy Student registered in any course. In that case, you are eligible to book a free student one-on-one session with Lady Raven to have your questions answered and to receive personal guidance.  These student sessions are called Student Check-ins and are included in the cost of your course.  You can book a check-in below:


Book a Wyld Academy Student Check-in



Spiritual Guidance Sessions | Spiritual Evolution and DevelopmentSpiritual Guidance and Teaching (Remote and in-person sessions available)

Do you often feel pulled in a spiritual direction and unsure where to start? Raven can help you explore your spirituality and help you get started in a practice that will be fulfilling and enriching.  We do not have to be limited to one spiritual path or another. We can forge our own – if you know where to look and how to get started! Raven can help you develop your plan of personal spiritual practice to get in touch with your inner self and find your calling in life.

Your Spiritual Guidance session can take place in person or remote. The best way to get started is to take her year-long class “Fundamentals of shamanic Witchcraft” at her school, The Wyld Academy. Raven can teach that class privately or create a program specifically for you if you prefer one-on-one learning. You can also book Lady Raven for learning events for your community and your location.  Please get in touch with her directly for details.

Spiritual Guidance Initial Assessment: FREE – 15 Minutes – Remote only
Spiritual Guidance sessions: $100 per hour Remote/$125 per hour in person

(Raven Offers Spiritual Medicine on a Sliding Scale.  No one will be turned away for lack of funds. She will also accept service trades if needed.  If funds are an issue for you, don’t hesitate to contact Lady Raven before booking. Energy exchange of some type must be provided, but it does not need to be entirely monetary. We can also discuss this during your initial session!)


Book a remote Phone Spiritual Guidance Assessment

Book an in-person Spiritual Guidance Appointment

Book a remote Spiritual Guidance Session (over Zoom)


Animal Totem Discovery (Remote and in-person sessions available)

Animal Totem Discovery is a complex process to discover Animal totems that want to work with you and how you can begin a relationship with them.  This is a process, and it is comprised of 2 sessions.  In the first session, Raven will guide you on a journey to discover animal totems, offering to work with you.  After the journey, you will discuss the totems that appeared, and your homework over the next two weeks will be to reach out to each one and see which resonates with you.  In the second Session, Raven will journey on your behalf to find your birth totem. You and Raven will discuss what it means to understand your birth totem. A Lady Raven will also do a compact 3-card Animal totem reading to offer you guidance on how to begin the process of working with your new totems.   Your initial session will be for one hour, and at the end of that session, Raven will book the second session with you (Minimum 2 weeks in between sessions).

Animal Totem Discovery (2 sessions of 1.5 hours each): $300 Remote/ $375 In-person


Book an in-person Animal Totem Discovery Session

Book a Remote Animal Totem Discovery Session