Guidance and More!

Raven prefers to work with each client one on one to address their own personal growth needs.  After the initial consultation, Raven will develop a growth plan for your journey and help you every step of the way!

Other individual services provided are:

Cord Cuttings

Sometimes we become so attached to people and things to such an extent that a cord cutting is require so that we can progress with our lives.  Cord cuttings generally take place as part of a healing process, when we are attempting to leave painful situations in our past so that we can build a new path for ourselves.  Cord cuttings will generally have a mundane plan associated with them that you will need to perform as well as any energetic work done on your behalf.  Each case is different depending on situation and Lady Raven will provide specific instructions on what you will need to do.

Protection and Blessings

As an ordained minister, Raven can perform blessing and protection rituals for homes, family members, businesses and more.  Her experience in native american rituals, african traditions, paganism, christian principles and many other areas of divine study put her in a unique position to help regardless of your background and needs!

Personal Growth and Spiritual Development

Do you often feel pulled in a divine direction and not sure where to start? Raven can help you explore your own spirituality and help you get started in a practice that will be fulfilling and enriching.  We do not have to be limited to one spiritual path or another! We can forge our own – if you know where to look and how to get started!

Uncrossing and Hex Removal

It is rare that someone is actually hexed or crossed by another person but it does happen.  It is important to understand that a cross or a hex is simply just negative energy or spirits sent your way.  It can at times be done by people with no magical training, simply with negative thinking, envy, resentment or other bad feelings.  We can at times cross ourselves also if we are caught in a negative life pattern.  Negative spirits can at times be picked up and will linger around people.  With uncrossing and hex removal we will generally need to do a reading first to understand the extent of the situation before any work is done.  Uncrossing and hex removal is amongst the most difficult and time consuming work and will always require you to follow up with a mundane plan as well.

House Cleansing and Blessing

If you are local in York or Lancaster Counties in SC, or in Mecklenberg or Gaston Counties in North Carolina, Raven offers new home blessings and cleansings.  This service is generally performed at your location, and all supplies needed are brought.  Depending on the service or infestation, this service can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours.  House cleansing is ideal for locations with a lot of negative energy infestation, spirits and other nasties.  A new home blessing is excellent for protecting and blessing your location before you move in.  Generally all members of the family who live or plan to live at the location (excluding children under 12) need to be available for a short counseling session before services are rendered.  Please contact Raven for more details!