Energy Forecast for 01/11/2021

This week we have a new moon in Capricorn on the 12th and Uranus goes Direct on the 14th! Lots of things are shifting!

January 12th – Capricorn new moon. This new moon takes advantage of the fact that many of us have felt powerless and without direction.  Capricorn on a new moon teaches us to get back on that horse, and work our plan.  We don’t need miracles so long as we work our plan.  What plans do you have for 2021? A Capricorn new moon is perfect to begin laying the foundation for new projects this year.

January 14th – Uranus goes direct. Uranus is a quirky planet, that loves to do things it’s own way.  We have been sitting on a Uranus retrograde now since August which is why the energy has felt stagnant, almost like no progress could be made.  Once Uranus goes direct, we can once again count on the bizarre and strange to break up our week! On the days a planet goes direct, you can sometimes feel an energetic jolt – as it starts moving in a different direction.  Make use of this energy to jump start projects that have been sitting on park for way too long!

The Cards

So this week I am using the Urban Crow Oracle by MJ Cullinane.  I am kind of addicted to her work so it’s no surprised that I totally geeked out when this new deck arrived this week!


First House – Obstacles to be aware of and don’t let them rule you


Isolation can sometimes seem like the right choice when we feel the world has disappointed us.  It protects us from getting hurt, from being exposed.  It is healthy to withdraw so we can rest and re-charge.  The problem is when we stay withdrawn – isolation leaves us alone and unsupported and it also keeps us from taking advantage of opportunities that may be available to us from the community and those that love us.





Second House – Opportunities to be on the lookout for


This kind of goes hand in hand with our obstacle card.  If we stay withdrawn we may miss out on opportunities. This week, with Uranus going direct is when we have big opportunities for luck to step in the world around us.  If we withdraw from the world we may miss out on those opportunities.  Luck happens when something unexpected comes our way to improve our lives or move our goals forward,  The more we put ourselves out there, the more we increase our changes that luck will find us!