Hello! I am Lady Raven, White Thunder Bear, The Wyld Witch! I have spent most of my life searching and discovering the many avenues that lead to true spirituality!  The truth is that there are many different paths and no two journeys are the same. After studying elements of paganism, shamanism, vodun, judaism, christianity, Candomblé and Stregheria, I have learned that the path to the divine is as unique as each one of us.  I have been a Witch for over 20 years, a spiritual herbalist for more than 15 years and a High Priestess for more than 10.

Spirituality is not religion.  It is about how we relate to the world around us.  How do we find our place? Our peace? Our mission? All of that is part of finding out why we are here and where we are going. I offer online classes as well as one-on-one mentoring.  I offer readings in Tarot, Oracle and traditional bone/crystal casting to help you get clarity and guidance on your path.

My Shamanism path has led me to understand how our energy is interconnected with everything around us.  We received guidance from our animal totems, spirit guides and ancestors.  In this path I have learned to work with personal energy in a good way, to help my clients remove unhealthy cords, complete ancestor clearing ceremonies, remove attachments and negative constructs and Soul Retrieval.  I love to help my clients connect with their spirit guardians so that they too can join in and be part of your inner growth!

I have helped many find their own path into the divine.  I have used my gifts of empathy and mediumship to guide those that are truly interested in discovering their own best selves.  As a Third Degree High Priestess, Spiritual Herbalist and ordained minister, I can help you find the unique path that will connect you with your higher and best self! Are you ready to join me on this journey?


Begin your Journey now!